2020 | SANBER HOUSE. San Bernardino, Paraguay

The project consists on a 7-bedroom house on the shore of Lake Ypacarai, Paraguay. With stunning views and located right on the shore of the lake, the dwelling acknowledges its geographical orientation through passive architectural mechanisms that naturally reduce its exposure to the direct light and hot weather, especially in the evening. The use of cantilevers combined with cross ventilation ensure permanent shade and freshness in all of  the interior spaces.


The design seeks to acknowledge the stunning views of its enclave by positioning the main areas - such as the living room, porch, master bedroom and main bedrooms - looking directly onto the lake, merging its view with an infinite pool that separates the house from the lake. Given that these spaces face West, a 24 metre long U-shaped concrete beam supported on diagonal walls frames the view while projecting its shade into these areas in the hours close to the sunset,  when the direct rays of the sun are to be avoided in Paraguay due to extreme heat.


All of the house unfolds on the ground floor level under a green roof, which will considerably lower the temperature in the interior spaces absorbing the heat from the outside and will also serve as acoustic insulation, being accessible through cantilevered steps and containing solar panels that will make the house energetically independent from the grid.


The connection between the interior spaces and their surroundings takes place through big openings in which the use of glazed sliding doors that can be fully opened and concealed into the walls create a subtle transition between interior and outdoor spaces. The house will be surrounded by side gardens and will also have direct paved access to the lake, where a pier will be built to allow for the use of recreational boats.