2019 | DELCHACO HOUSE. Asunción, Paraguay

The design seeks to exploit the stunning surroundings by creating a single axis of view across the river and maintaining a clear line of sight to the riverbank and beyond. Framing the view are two large internal/external walls, stretching outwards and hugging a large patio garden. With no pillars to speak of, the living areas Flow seamlessly from indoor to outdoor space, finally reaching an infinity pool whose surface appears to blend into the river itself.

Moving upstairs, this singular axis is maintained with an open plan reception opening out onto an observation deck. On either side it is flanked by bedrooms whose gill-like external walls form discreet apertures from which direct views to the river can be appreciated without feeling overlooked by the future adjacent properties.

Using exposed concrete both in a structural way and as the skin of the house – something which is feasible in countries with a weather like Paraguay’s – the dwelling can be interpreted as a whole block of stone where the spaces have been strategically ‘carved’ according to their respective views and required functionality, always aware of the geographic orientation and the entry of natural light into all the spaces.